Want to learn guitar, but not sure where to start? Did you take piano in your past, but you now don’t remember the basic chords? Know the basics of bass, but you want to take your skills to the next level?

Private Music Lessons in West Seattle

Some one-on-one instruction offered:

Vocal Coaching: After winning a state contest for vocals, I have great confidence to teach and sing both lead and harmonies. Or if you are already a singer I can be of great help in coaching.

Pedal Steel: I teach E9 for a Nashville country sound and C6 for a Jazz or pop style. I personally use a universal tuning.

Guitars: Teaching Lead and rhythm, finger & flat picking, acoustic, classical, electric guitars. Scales, techniques, amp setups, effects and more.

Electric or Acoustic Violin and Viola: I come from a classical approach using site reading or as a fiddler depending on the students’ desires.

Flute: C foot, I personally play by ear, but in teaching, I will use a curriculum with sight reading.

Bass Guitar: I have been performing and teaching bass, standard 4 string electric for many years. I can teach sight reading and/or approach this using Nashville Numbering.

Drums: I teach from rudiments to full trap set. I can teach to site read.

Keyboards: I always teach keyboards using a curriculum. In my student base, this is usually a beginner’s instrument and is foundational for reading, timing, training the ear, and as a platform for other instruments.

In addition to lessons I can offer the following services:

Recording: I have recorded as a studio engineer. I hold an Associates in Electronics. I understand waveforms, compression, limiters, mic placement and much more plus many editing techniques and finalization. I can help you with your project. I can finalize your mix to a master.

Director: If you have a band and need a good set of ears to help you balance out that sound, eyes to view your stage presence, and a mind to be straight out and tell you those things you can’t discern yourself, you might find this old pro to be a great resource. Besides working with lots of gear over the past many years, I rent out PA systems and have directed bands.

If there is any way I may be of service to you, why not give me a call or drop me an email?

Proven Results

Kids who study music perform better in school and in life:

  • Develops critical thinking and self-discipline skills
  • Dramatic improvements in reading and math skills
  • Improved fine motor skills
  • Higher SAT scores
  • Increased sense of self-worth, discipline, and commitment

Sources: www.amc-music.org, VH1’s Behind the Music

“I cannot recommend Timothy Michaels enough as a music teacher.

“I enrolled my daughters (12 and 7) in music lessons with him and loved attending with them and watching them learn. My 7-year-old was being taught violin and my 12-year-old was getting vocal lessons. They have both learned fundamentals that will serve them well throughout their whole musical lives.

“Timothy is a patient and talented musician and teacher and was fantastic at communicating with my daughters in language they understood. I also got some great pointers for my guitar playing. If you are looking for music lessons for yourself or your family, you should definitely talk with Timothy.”
Kyle McCurdy
Seattle, WA

“Timothy conducted instrumental music sessions through the Seattle Public School’s Homeschool Resource Center for more than three years. He has instructed more than 50 students… We have seen many success stories and positive results. I recommend Timothy for any position he feels qualified for in the area of musical instruction.”
Cynthia Barrientos, Director
Seattle Public School’s Homeschool Resource Center

“As a father of three boys, each learning a different instrument, and as a student of guitar myself, Timothy has made the learning of instruments fun and enjoyable. He is a very patient and skillful instructor and I would highly recommend his services.”
Dave Belmont
Parent & Student
Burien, Washington

Give your child or yourself a lifetime filled with music!

Affordable Private Music Lessons

  • Private: Lessons available on a one on one basis.
  • Scheduling: Please email us or text 425-298-6526 for a schedule of available lesson times.
  • Rates: My rates average to about $35 per lesson over two months.
    $160 covers one month of 30-minute lessons, one lesson per week.
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